Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm trying to think of non-whiny things to talk about, since I'm aiming to post every weekday morning. Some of my thoughts:

--Another "trying" is the attempt to not correct misinformation in previous entries. After all, that's one of my learning processes. It's really hard.
--I loved George Clooney's Oscar speech last night, especially since he seems to have made it up on (at? I'm confusing my prepositions) the spur of the moment, what with the reference to J. Stewart's opening monologue. Or does that circulate beforehand?
--I did a lot this weekend. I did about 5-7 loads of laundry, and I finally dusted my chest of drawers. I also made cookies. I know that doesn't sound like much, because it's not. It's just an enormous jump in productivity for *me*.
--I have no idea how women do it. My partner does all the housework (which mostly is cooking & dishes; time constraints don't allow for much actual cleaning), because he (a) is very good at it & fast, and (b) he gets home earlier than I do. Seriously. No clue.
--I thought about not admitting to my partner's gender, but then I realized that doesn't give him the credit he deserves.
--I have to go see the department super-secretary and see if there's any funding for me for next year. I am so very much not looking forward to it, because the answer is almost assuredly no.
--If a university doesn't have money to pay for adjuncts/TAs to teach classes, who teaches them? because surely they don't acutally recruit the professors.

Okay. Enough sitting around trying to think of coherent things to say. Back tomorrow.


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