Thursday, May 11, 2006

Procrastination is a Wonderful Thing

I have two or so hits on my blog (so far) from google searches. Here's a sample:
"divorce due to husband's lack of ambition"
I talked about husbands' lack of ambition a few entries ago -- not mine, if you recall -- so I guess that makes sense. But I didn't talk about divorce.
So it must be pretty far down in the search, right?
Two things:
1) How is it that a web-page that doesn't even have all the search terms ends up being in the top ten out of 280,000? Does the 280,000th even have any of the search terms?
2) How is it that a highly unlinked (both to and from) web-page ends up being in the top ten out of 280,000?
In other news, I have already received an e-mail from one of my summer students. I wasn't expecting such eagerness, and am far behind in my planning.
I guess I should go work now.


Blogger Kate said...

I get at least one hit about Pink and Cory Hart's wedding vows a day. EVERY SINGLE DAY I TELL YOU. Google is fun, but it is clearly not providing what these people are looking for!

9:00 AM EDT  

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