Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's Too Hot Awards

I know, I'm stealing from Phantom Scribbler, especially given the day of the week. But this is when I thought of it. And I couldn't wait because the heat will (better!) be gone soon.

  • "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me" goes to the 30-40-ish man today who was overheard saying that it wasn't that hot, and he remembers playing double-headers in little league when it was this hot.
  • "You're Nuts" goes to anyone wearing long sleeves or long pants. Bonus points to someone wearing both. Triple points to someone wearing a coat as well.
  • "I Love Trees." The area in their shade is noticeably cooler than the outright sun, despite probably having been in the sun not moments before.

(Yes, I know. But, really: there aren't many of you and there aren't many of them (ITO Awards). Can't we have both for just one week?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, i wore long sleeves and pants the other day :)

10:53 PM EDT  

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