Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Privacy and Other Things

I worry sometimes about posting certain stories; I'm afraid they'll give me away. Not in the sense of "Our football team is now number 1 in the Pac10! Yay!" sort of way, where a reader can say, "Oh she's at UCLA, which I can know even though I'm at Carleton."
No, I mean the kind more along the line of "I looked fantastic today: I wore my purple velvet witch's hat, and my magenta swan's-down cloak," and a reader says "Oh my god, I saw her today."
(Not that I own either of those items, mind you.)
But this one is... Well, it's of a piece with this entry. And I... It's just...
See, my husband has "merely" an Associate's Degree. He's insulted when come home and ask him if he knows what these words mean; "Just because I'm not in a fancy PhD program doesn't mean I'm stupid," is basically what he says.
So the latest one: "salient." Now, two people asked about "vested interest," and that seemed like a lot to me. And while "vested interest" is not particularly important to that particular exam's discipline, "salient" is to this one's.
And not as a special definition; no, it's merely particularly useful.
And to the whole discipline, not just the particular subject.
Which is a junior-year-level subject.
So how many people asked what salient means?
Clearly? when my husband says "fancy"? he's playing up the idea that an AA means he's a yokel. He is not referring to the quality of the university.


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