Thursday, November 02, 2006

Writing, Writing, Over Inadequacy...

John Kerry is a wishy-washy idiot.
(Just had to get that out.)
So. I started this blog with the aim of writing every day -- er, every work day. That's clearly not happening. See, I'm just too fiddly; I look over it again & say, "Why didn't I phrase that this way?" or "...use that word?" Of course, the writing-every-day thing was supposed to help me with that fiddly-ness.
Isn't working.
New topic: While I have a raging ego, I also don't like it, and am also a depressive. Between the two, I manage to tell myself exactly how completely unspecial, boring, dull, etc. I am.
And a tangent: I was going to do a 100 things about me collection. My last one is...
Please hold; your party will be with you shortly
Dee da da da daaa da... Number 28. Now, see, the thing about these 100-things-about-me is that they seem to be the cool, the unusual, the special. I alluded to the fact that I don't see a lot special about myself, so this is a little difficult.
I'm going to turn this all around. I'm going to start posting more often; if I can't think of anything cool enough to say, I'm going to post a 100-thing. And -- this is the part I love -- I'm going to turn around that "I'm so average" talk, and try to come up with all the ways I am average*. (This is going to be fun.) Because that's going to be just as hard as coming up with all the ways I'm special.
(I have no idea why I love this so much.)
So, for my first completely average thing (number 29 on the 100-things): I am within half an inch of the average height and 10 pounds of the average weight for an american woman.

*Okay, so it's not going to be perfectly average. I may choose some areas where I'm in one of the top 5 most popular categories. Like instruments: ocarina lessons? unusual. Either the piano or the violin lessons? "average." (Maybe I should use the word "common," hmm?)


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