Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Since I'm Sulking Anyway...

I want to like Studio 60... I really do. I loved the West Wing, pre-9/11. I love Bradley Whitford (he's married to Jane Kaczmarek! who's older than he!), and I actually really like Matthew Perry. Backstage shows? check that one off too.
"Science shmience?" What a stupid segment. And not because I claim to be a scientist, but because I claim to be vaguely intelligent and approximately open-minded (I think that was the worst part, the mean-spiritedness of it). Maybe if we didn't watch any of the show-within-a-show, it would be better. And the born-again Christian? she's too righteous to be funny.


Blogger ScienceWoman said...

I'm kind of with you on this one. But I think science-schmience was intended to make fun of those people who don't "believe" in science - it just didn't come off that way. I'm having problems feeling like the amanda peet story lines are integrated with the story of the show, and I'm not convinced that they are actually writing a funny late night comedy show. So far the clips they've shown haven't been very funny. I'm not staying up til 11 to watch it next week - but I think I'll tape it and watch it later.

3:13 PM EDT  
Blogger ceresina said...

Yeah, I agree with you about the science-schmience, but it just seems too easy. Or mean. Or smug. But not funny. I just didn't think that jaded back-stage comedy show workers would laugh & snicker at such an obvious joke, regardless of which side of the science-schmience divide they actually fell on.
I dunno. I'm not being coherent. But I like your idea about taping & watching it later.

10:38 AM EDT  

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