Thursday, February 01, 2007


I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning. Some morning talk show djs were discussing the thing that happened in Boston yesterday, and I got so mad I started ranting, to no one, for about three minutes.
Have you ever talked to yourself for three minutes? Try it. It's a long time.
And I didn't notice I was doing it.
I'm extremely upset about this. Because I'm extremely upset about the pervasive anti-authority-figure attitude in the media.
And this is where I get stuck. Should I write about this? because it starts to sound like I'm pro-patriarchal-patronizing, when I'm not. I'm in favor of people not being dismissed because of the class to which they belong. Like being over 25. Yeah, sure, the media demographic is 18-34, but really: the 31 year old they're aiming for is the one who's pretending to still be fresh out of college.
I hate watching afternoon cartoons because the ads are so anti-school. God forbid teachers should have something useful to say, to offer. God forbid teachers, parents, adults, should be afforded basic human respect.
Even supposedly educational PBS-Kids gets in on it.
--Professor Wiseman has to send food to the international space station. When the astronauts come on screen to say they found a peanut, and can they eat it? the scientists (Wiseman, Einstein & -- Pizza? I think?) have to have a conference about whether it's okay. Einstein & Pizza, meanwhile, have set up the rocket so that it requires 4 hands to deploy the cargo -- yes, a set up so that Curious George can go into space instead of the Man with the Yellow Hat, I get that, but do you get how that makes scientists look? Especially to people who wouldn't consider the literary structure (or whatever it's called) without being nudged?
I agree with Anastasia*, honestly; I think that students get much more education, at any definition, from an exchange of ideas, and that "exchange" does really mean in both directions. And I think that very few students are getting much out of a class that is run with an iron fist (probably Dean Dad's* dutiful A students get the most out of it, and aalmost definitely not as much as they would out of a more give-and-take atmosphere.) However, I get frustrated by/annoyed by/ballistic about the kids who think that they know better simply because they're younger than the professor, and more hip, & cool.
And so I ranted -- shouted -- for three minutes to no one. Because the radio djs, by suggesting (or outright stating, I don't remember which) that the "kids" who came up with the ad campaign shouldn't be prosecuted are encouraging this idea. The admistrators of Boston are stuffy, uptight, anal retentive, squares who aren't hip enough to understand coolness.
The "kids" and the ad company and the tv executive who approved the campaign should take responsibility for their acts. Because intentions are not enough. You have to have respect for the people who are not in your target demographic -- whether you're promoting a tv show or yourself -- as well.

*I can't link because Blogger is "unable to complete my request." I'm supposed to submit my error to Blogger Support or the Blogger Help Group, but there is no immediate link to either place and I'm not wasting my time searching for it, even though I suspect it wouldn't take more than two clicks to find it. I want to be catered to for a change.