Monday, October 30, 2006

Because Everyone's Doing It

Random bullets. Of Whine

-My advisor no longer acknowledges me. Of course this means he's ashamed to be affiliated with me.
-I'm eating a pomegranate. Of course this means I now have pomegranate juice on my shirt.
-I hate spelling pomegranate. I always spell it wrong (so I'm not looking it up & correcting it, now).
-I have many problems. I know what many (of that many) are. Knowing is so very not half the battle.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh, No...

My dream job, my very dreamiest of dream jobs, is available.
And not only did I miss the deadline, I'm really not qualified.

More Facts About Me

26. I have still not read my course evaluations from the summer. What if they didn't like me???
27. Yes, I know this is a ridiculous attitude.
28. Remember my clean desk? It's an out-of-control mess again.

Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

The Peach
Random Gentle Love Master (RGLMf)

    Playful, kind, and well-loved, you are The Peach.

    For such a warm-hearted, generous person, you're surprisingly experienced in both love and sex. We credit your spontaneous side; you tend to live in the moment, and you don't get bogged down by inhibitions like most women your age. If you see something wonderful, you confidently embrace it.

Your exact opposite:
The Nymph

Deliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer
    You are a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, but our guess is you're becoming more selective about long-term love. It's getting tougher for you to become permanently attached; and a guy who's in a different place emotionally might misunderstand your early enthusiasm. You can wreck someone simply by enjoying him.

    Your ideal mate is adventurous and giving, like you. But not overly intense.

DREAD: The False Messiah

CONSIDER: The Loverboy, The Playboy, or The Boy Next Door

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.

Um. So, no.

(See at B*, Anastasia, lucyrain)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Because I'm Just. That. Cool Unusual.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Oddly, my first name is more popular than my last name. Who knew?

(As seen at Lucy's and K8's)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh, Those Crazy Students!

I proctored an exam this morning. About five minutes into the period, a young man comes rushing in, brandishing a pencil & nothing else, and reaches out for the exam I'm about to hand him, and says:
"Is this Gov Civ?"
Three guesses what the right answer is. And the first two don't count.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Since I'm Sulking Anyway...

I want to like Studio 60... I really do. I loved the West Wing, pre-9/11. I love Bradley Whitford (he's married to Jane Kaczmarek! who's older than he!), and I actually really like Matthew Perry. Backstage shows? check that one off too.
"Science shmience?" What a stupid segment. And not because I claim to be a scientist, but because I claim to be vaguely intelligent and approximately open-minded (I think that was the worst part, the mean-spiritedness of it). Maybe if we didn't watch any of the show-within-a-show, it would be better. And the born-again Christian? she's too righteous to be funny.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm tired
I'm tired of not writing
I'm tired of failing.
I'm tired of being worse than everyone else.
I'm tired of not being as competative as everyone else.
I'm tired of not being able to spell "comptetative" without looking it up in a dictionary.
I'm tired of trying to explain to my husband why it's wrong to say things like "Just what I expected" when he finally sees the face of the annoying driver, or why it's wrong to say to our daughter that "Don't shoot: first of all, you're not a boy, second of all it's wrong."
I'm tired of letting my advisor down.
I'm tired of being lonely.
I'm tired of not exercising.
I'm tired of not getting things done.
I'm tired of procrastination.
I'm tired of beating myself up instead of doing something about it.
I'm tired of the expectation that I will barely have time to take one day off a week.
I'm tired of the expectation of balancing family & work.
I'm tired.