Monday, November 27, 2006

So I'm Average, But....

I went to a certain big box store t'other day. (It wasn't the one that starts with wall. That's the problematic store I've chosen.) And I tried on some clothes. And I was astonished by the vanity sizing. Because remember how I said I'm perfectly average with respect to height and weight? Well, said average would have relegated me to Lane Bryant in the old days. But now? I'm a size 10. I mean, I'm happy to not have to face the fact that I really should be trying on clothes that have an X or two, but 10 is taking it too far.
But that's not the weirdest part.
The weirdest part is that said big box store has decided to vanity-size to weight -- but not to height. I'm wearing one of my new shirts today, and I have to roll up the cuffs 2-3 inches. You decide if that's really appropriate on a "long-sleeved tee." I know my answer. And my new pants, which I also considered wearing, are over-long by about the same amount.
So apparently the average American woman is getting heavier, but is still willow-tall.


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