Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hey. Let Go.

I'm a radio person. I don't love it -- there are long stretches of "Ick" and "Didn't they just play this song three seconds ago?" -- but since I'm not enough into music to be willing to spend money on something I'll discover I don't like, it works for me. And I sing along with the songs I like. This clues the toddler into the "coolness" of the song (toddlers are lovely the way they think grownups, especially their parents, are the ultimate cool); the toddler sings it sometimes, and requests it fairly regularly. I don't own the song (hm: maybe I'm just cheap), so we have to wait for the radio to play it. It's falling out of rotation; that is, I can no longer feel confident it will be played every morning, let alone every day. Therefore, I was extremely excited when I heard the opening bass line this morning as we drove to school. The toddler didn't quite get that it was Paralyzed until the chorus -- but that was all that was needed; we were off and singing.
My point? Apparently, I'm an attention whore. I desperately want to call the station and thank them for playing the song because my toddler loves it blah blah blah -- because I think they'll play the call on the air.
I am so very much not calling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is funny....makes me feel kind of lame, though, that my toddler says things like "no, mommy...turn that off. i don't like it" and "mommy...don't sing that right now" to me. Maybe your toddler thinks you're cool b/c you are are kinda cool. :)

12:57 PM EST  
Blogger ceresina said...

Actually, now that you mention it, I realize mine is starting to tell me to stop singing this or that; maybe it's just that mine's a little younger!

1:42 PM EST  

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