Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One of Those Things-About-Me

I love 100 Things About Me posts, whether they come all at once or little by little. They're hard, though, especially if one is trying to be semi-anonymous. Or pretending to, at any rate. And one per day? I'll never remember them all.
So. Here's a list of 17 things about me.
1. I hate mosquito bites. Not original, but on my mind.
2. I am, therefore, clearly not Ned Flanders.
3. My middle school was run by nuns. We had chapel every day.
4. It was ecumenical in the sense that you didn't even have to be Christian to go.
5. I am not sure "ecumenical" is the right word, but I know there is a single, appropriate word for the "open-access, non-discriminatory-on-the-basis-of-faith" idea, and I would rather use it than that unwieldy phrase. I do that a lot.
6. I always have to do the "i before e" jingle when spelling. Even then, I'm not sure.
7. I got a 65 on the spelling test in sixth grade that involved ie & ei words. It was my worst grade up until that point.
8. I miss the ritual and music of the particular faith of my middle school.
9. I'm agnostic, because I am uncomfortable with some of the judgements supposedly made by gods.
10. I like reading Anastasia, post-doc, and B* because they remind me that faith and religion can make people happy.
11. I love diet Dr. Pepper.
12. I didn't like kids until about 3 years ago.
13. Many still make me nervous, because I think they'll see right through me, or I'll bore them.
14. I never know what to say to anyone. This makes schmoozing unusually difficult.
15. I like playing with graphic design -- organizing text and pictures on a page. (See? #5 again.)
16. re: #7: I remember it was 6th grade because I remember the room I was in.
17. I dream about my schools. The only one I haven't dreamed about is my undergraduate institution.

Okay. I've run out of things off the top of my head. I'll do some more later.


Blogger post-doc said...

Yay! I love little facts about people too! I'm not feeling well (poor me), but this made me quite happy. :)

11:42 AM EDT  

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