Friday, September 01, 2006

Who We Are vs. Who We Write

Lucy pointed her readers to Wolfangel's post about who we blog vs. who we act, and the dichotomy between the two that sometimes arises. Honestly, I'm a little surprised by how many bloggers say "I met Blogger X, and she was just as [adjective], [adjective], and [adjective] as she is on her blog." My (extremely limited) experience has been mostly the opposite.
But that's not my point.
My point is that jo(e) had a post where she tried to start a meme. So I decided it would be amusing (to me) to try to come up with outlandish, unlikely, stupid, and (hopefully) occasionally funny questions that could have provoked those responses.
A couple of disclaimers. I don't know jo(e) in real life (telling her I'm doing this is I think the first contact I've had with her) and I don't read very closely (I just noticed about a week before her meme post that her on-blog profile says Northeast; I'd thought she was in the Mid-west). So if I create a question/answer combination that you know is offensive to her, please don't jump down my throat; I don't know jo(e)'s personal preferences.

1. If you hate the snow so much, why don't you just move away from Bison City?
2. Do you tell the truth to the police?
3. What's your favorite album size?
4. Why don't you talk about your department chair more?
5. If my husband's & my 28th wedding anniversary is before the end of the year, how long have we been married?
6. You know, I murdered my father/mother/kitten. Are you going to turn me in?
7. Why didn't you get into surfing as a profession?
8. Do you have a parakeet?
9. Do you like it editing stories?
10. Are you ever mean?
11. Did you ever tell readers about your favorite restaurant?
12. Does anyone in your family read the college/university newspaper?
13. Can I figure out your real name from your blog?
14. Why don't you let your husband do the chores?
15. How long have you defended vegetarianism as an anti-terrorism act?
16. You know, I keep hearing about Reiki nowadays!
17. Why do you buy all those shawls and drapey things?
18. You have such a connection to your family history. What's their religion?
19. What's your favorite drink, and how often do you go to the monastary?
20. What's the color you use to flag e-mails as urgent?
21. How serious are you when you take pictures?
22. Why choose easy-to-remember pseudonyms? aren't you afraid of being found out?
23. Are you going to tell us about your sex life?
24. Why would you blog about a funny fight with your husband?
25. Do I really have to ask you a question?


Blogger Andrew said...

This is the blog version of Jeopardy -- the questions to the answers.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

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