Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Just Should Have Known Better

...than to drive to "Town" on the second day of classes.
So today was the annual doctor appointment -- you know, that doctor -- and it brought up a variety of topics, like:
-why do most of the pregnant women there already have at least one child? that is, where are all the first-time mothers?
-it takes no more than a year for the Stupidity of Patients to wear a Very Nice Woman down to a Brittle-ly Nice Woman.
-why is "feminine" bad? and why does it feel like I'm uttering heresy asking that?
-nurse practitioners really are just as "good" as doctors.
-is it crossing a picket line to be a patient?
-why can't I remember things? like the other questions the visit brought up, or the brilliant post that I was going to write about research vs. teaching?


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