Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brash? Timid? BrashTimid..

I am trying to compose a letter (e-mail), a sensitive-ish one, to my advisor.
I am realizing that most of my e-mails -- to anyone -- are timid and submissive. "I think it might be good if we..." "Maybe we should..." "Is this a good idea..."
(I am hoping these are not, in fact, direct quotes.)
I am realizing that this does not put me in a good light.
I am realizing, even given the fact that the precise placement depends on the person reading the e-mail, I have no idea where the general area of the line between "confident" and "arrogant" is.
I am writing about this on my blog so that I don't have to face the fact that I just have to pick some words and then hope that either (a) my words aren't arrogant or (b) my advisor is in a thick-skinned mood or (c) both.
Here I go, facing the fact...

edit: it's done. it's sent. now for the stomach knots...


Blogger post-doc said...

I've noticed lately how much I do the timid routine too. It's effective, but I struggle with how professional and capable I appear when using it. I hope you found a balance that works and that the stomach knots are for naught.

9:25 AM EST  

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