Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Things

16. You know the saying "memory like an elephant"? Or "steel-trap"? Not me. Except when it comes to useless things, like identifying quotes from certain, um, trashy novels.
17. I hate reading tragic books. I tried reading The Poisonwood Bible the other night, and I had to skip to the end to try to cheer myself up. (The end wasn't cheery to me, so I ended up reading Calvin & Hobbes instead.)
18. I can't watch tragic movies. There's no way I will go see United 93, for example.
19. I do not hate tragic plays. I find them transcendent.
20. I love live theater.
21. I am a snob about live theater.
22. I worked in the theater business for a while.
23. I miss trains as methods of commute.
24. I don't like summer heat. I never have.
25. I like things to be clean, but I don't care if they're messy.


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