Monday, January 15, 2007


I want to teach. But I am not someone who is good at planning things six weeks away, let alone six years, so I have almost no experience. You know it: the class from this summer. So over the break, I asked if there were any classes that needed instructors.
Naturally, there were not. I didn't expect there to be, but there was no harm in asking.
I went away for the last week of vacation. The day I left, I received an e-mail from The Person Who Knows that a class had suddenly lost a teacher and would I still like to teach?
Of course.
But being away, I couldn't prep. I was actually unable to get any materials (instead of just having lots of "I have to do this first" excuses). It's Intro, so it shouldn't (ha ha ha) be hard for me to remember the information, but I worry about making a lecture class interesting. Good. Instructive, for those who want to be instructed.
I should be working on the syllabus so I have something to present to the class that first day.
And I'm catching up on all the blogs that accumulated on my week away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as you might have guess from my last comment, i'm interested in teaching too. in fact, the idea of teaching is what initially drove me to graduate school.

i'm chronically overprepared and have spent hours going over ideas and lesson plans for my intro classes (only two, and as a TA). then i realized, after winging one - very successfully, i might add - overpreparing wasn't worth the huge amounts of extra time for the marginal improvement on my teaching.

but then again, that's intro. anything above that, and i'll be pouring over books for hours again.

so hey, continue to catch up on blog-reading. you're probably fine :)

5:08 PM EST  

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