Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Got'Cher Generalities Right Here

Tenured Radical, here discusses grade disputes. Adjunct Whore made a comment about the frustration of students going over the heads of those who aren't in power; TR & gayprof pointed out that it's easier for everyone concerned to just let it go by giving the student a grade. I think I might agree with AW, though; it's so f***ing frustrating for students to get what they want because they're creating a bother.
Actually, it's frustrating when anyone does that.
I worked in a theater box office once that had a no-return policy. Well, that was the stated policy. Anyone who got annoyed enough to "ask for my manager" got a return. Which made the front-line staff look like incompetent idiots, and rewarded entitlement.
I understand the reason, I just don't like it.
I am so mad at student A.
So student A first [1] because s/he [2], which was pretty bone-headed, and s/he understood that. Then s/he [3]. Whatever. However, next, s/he [4] because [5]. Uh, no, [6] and because [sidebar-alpha] and [sidebar-beta]. So that made me cross. But then, s/he [7]. Irritating -- extremely -- but well within the culture of the university, so not really ire-inducing.
I try to let it go. The semester is over, nothing to be done now.
Last week, A [8], and when [9], s/he [10], [11]. This is when I start to get angry, because so no. When I [12], s/he [13], where s/he [14]. Now I'm really angry. I still [12], because I need to calm down.
Today, [15] which was in response to [16] that said [17]
Angry does not begin to describe it. I absolutely did not abdicate my responsibilities as a professor in such an egregious manner.
However, I [18], including [19], and [20].
And I'm pretty damn proud of the response I made.
Of course, now, I expect it will nonetheless escalate...


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