Thursday, August 24, 2006


I just returned from a talk (why o why was it offered in what is, technically, our summer break? my advisor might've liked it) where
-I was one of only 2 women. Granted, there were only about 12 people, including the speaker, but still;
-there were a lot of muckety-mucks: at least one department chair and one vice-president for [this'n'that];
-it was offered by a department that has, nominally, no connection to my department (the sub-areas are much more interconnected);
-there was a big gun from my department.

Perfect chance for schmoozing! Look at me! rubbing elbows with big-wigs! and showing off my dedication to this semi-obscure-given-my-department area of research! Why, I even walked back to our building with the superstar from my department.

But did I say anything of interest? No, of course not. And I was so very noticeable, he'd forgotten I was there 2 minutes after we separated.

(No, really: we happened to be in the same hallway when another Very Important Person asked him if anyone else from our department had gone to the talk, and he didn't remember that I had.)

I know there's politics in academia. I never assumed there wasn't. (Quite the contrary, actually.) But I still suck rotten eggs at it, and I hate rubbing that in my own face.


Now I'm off to an impromptu lunch with the new students. Watch me go...


Blogger Joy ~ aka Wild Child said...

I heard a comment that is almost related here. (bear with me with the see what I mean)

It's not who loves us that's important but what we love that defines us.

(see what I mean, your situation is not about love...just need the analogy)

What I am so not elegantly saying is...

What is important is who you care for (your students, your University), not that this seemly so overly important person.

Be who you are and care for your work and you'll do great!

9:50 AM EDT  

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